Science Park

The main goal of the Biomedical Science & Technology Park is creation of the new biomedical cell products, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic test systems and rapid introduction into clinical practice, which contributes to the solution of biosafety concerns.

As a result, the University will be able to take key positions in the Biomedical Research market in Russia and enter the international medical community on equal terms. According to our plans, new high technologies will be created and introduced in the Biomedical Park in order to save human health. Close complex connection between science, practice, education, business will allow to create products and technologies of principal new generation.

“We are here to support business scientifically. The Park is a research and entrepreneurial ecospace for biomedical start-ups and big businesses with state-of art R&D facilities. Here, in the very heart of the Russian biomedical innovations your ideas are converted/translated into developments in a clinical setting and moreover, become profitable.”     

Amission office of First Moscow State Medical University

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