Postgraduate training is an integral part of medical education. FMSMU offers rich variety of opportunities for postgraduate studies or almost all specialties in:

– internship (internatura) – 1 year,

– clinical residency (ordinatura) – 2-3 years,

– PhD courses (aspirantura) – 3-4 years,

– doctorate (D.Sc. fellowships/doktorantura) – 3-4 years.

All postgraduate courses and programs are conducted in the Russian language.


  1. Application form;
  2. Notarized translation into Russian of the Diploma, including a record of performance with program (Supplement) – 2 copies;
  3. Notarized translation of the international passport into Russian – 2 copies;
  4. Medical certificate which confirms the absence of medical contraindications for training in the Russian Federation; laboratory test results; AIDS test;
  5. 12 passport-size photos.

Amission office of First Moscow State Medical University

Phone: +7 (910) 737-2741


Admission 2019-2020 is open now