The Scientific Council of the FMSMU – elected representative body that provides overall direction and decides the most important questions of the educational, research and medical activities of the University. Academic Council is chaired by the Rector, corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor, MD Peter V. Glybochko. The Academic Council consists of the heads of departments of the FMSMU, faculties, departments and centers.

In accordance with the Regulation of the Scientific Council of FMSMU:

– It determines the main directions of socio-economic development of the Sechenov University; receives local acts regulating the activities of the University, changes and additions to them;
– It solves basic questions of the organization of educational, research and clinical work;
– Solves the University management and its structural divisions;
– Solves questions of creation, reorganization and liquidation of departments, faculties, centers, institutes, and other structural units of the University;
– Approves the main lines of research;
– Awarded the title of professor, associate professor in the department, professor, associate professor in the specialty;
– Conduct elections of deans of faculties, is holding a contest for the vacant positions of heads of departments and professors of the University and recommends their candidacy for the conclusion of fixed-term employment contract of the University Rector;
– Annually, the Rector hear a report and vice-rectors reports, director of clinical and research centers and faculties on the basis of activities of the University;
– Considers the proposal for awarding the staff and students of state awards and honorary titles; et al. in accordance with the Charter of the University.

The composition of the Scientific Council Presidium
List of honorary heads of departments FMSMU named after I.M. Sechenov
List of honorary and emeritus professor of the FMSMU named after I.M. Sechenov

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